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Absalom White, a free black

Emancipation of Absalom White

In 1838, Samuel Audrain emancipated his slave, Absalom White, making him a Free Black, as listed on the 1850 census. He’d purchased the old slave who had been born in Virginia, from Pierre Chouteau years before, and brought him to Missouri, without his wife and children. He didn’t free all of his slaves, only Absalom.

Know all men that I Samuel W. Audrain Jr. In consideration for the fidelity of my negro slave named Absalom White do hereby liberate emancipate and forever set free

In 1850, Absalom lives in the city of St. Charles, a free black, where he had bought property, Lot 5 in Nathan Boone’s survey, today’s Madison Street. He’s to be found in the 1850 census, alone, 72 years-old and on the property he had bought, and built a house, in 1848. He also bought a slave that same year Continue reading Absalom White, a free black