History Matters

History is our collective memory of what happened, how and who was involved.

Theoretically it should include everything, and sometimes it might, but it is refined by what matters most, by those who hold the memory. Some history is visible and tangible, such as photographs, books or buildings. Some history is less conscious, seen or heard in stories we have heard, family traditions and our heritage. History can tell us the why of what we do. When one digs deep, below the surface, one may find that the history that matters most is the nearly forgotten, and quite possibly what we thought was lost.

History matters, when it affects and touches people’s heart and soul, making it memorable. History matters when it shapes our experience with content that is rich and full, teaches us and shares a message. History matters most when we share it, discuss and learn from it, letting it make our lives richer, fuller, and bring us hope for our future. History matters!

The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see” Winston Churchill